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Barbera d’Asti

Inserito Friday 26 November 2010

Barbera vine is one of the most popular in Piemonte and produces the best DOCG. The designation of controlled and guaranteed origin for Barbera d’Asti was established in 2008 and lays down certain rules disciplines: production areas must be in the towns of Alexandria and Asti, the soil should be loamy, sandy, and calcareous and the attitude only hills with a height not exceeding 650 meters.
How to recognize a Barbera d’Asti? (more…)

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Grappoli di notte in Piedimonte Etneo (CT)

Inserito Tuesday 15 June 2010

Grappoli di notte in Piedimonte Etneo (CT) Saturday, October 2, 2010

After the success last year with the harvest night in his vineyard in Piedimonte Etneo, the company Don Saro Linguaglossa (CT) has decided to repeat the exciting initiative that involved no less than 500 people and led to the collection in a few hours and under the spotlight of about 2,000 kilograms of grapes of Nerello Mascalese, precious vine from which we get the prestigious Etna Rosso DOC.

From these grape has achieved a number of bottles of wine, called precisely "Clusters of Night" will be offered to participants at the next tasting initiative along with a vast selection of local produce. This will be the first opportunity to verify in a direct comparison, the diverse characteristics of the wine from a vintage night than, the same vineyard, from grapes harvested in a classical way.

As this vintage, which will take place Saturday, October 2 from 22:00, certainly did not pretend to replace the classic work of cutting and collection of the usual professionals, but rather wants to be a time of recovery of our traditions and our most cherished and never dormant memories, will be preceded, in favor of the defendants, a brief reference to the most basic hygiene rules and the most basic collection techniques in respect of crop plants and grapes. Before the harvest, therefore, be suggested by our technical specifications, though simple "instructions" to be adopted by the defendants during the harvest operations.

The baskets collected and duly numbered by teams of volunteers, composed of 6 to 10 elements (depending on number of participants), will then pass to the screening of a committee of five judges who will grant them a vote in the order, the choice and disposition of the grapes, clean them and so on. All this in light of the fact that harvest operations are directly responsible for the quality of the final product.

Obtained the opinion, the team has obtained the highest score will be entitled to a prize that will be a free weekend (to be defined in detail) at "The House of Philip" Linguaglossa, adjacent Company Don Saro petitioner of the initiative.

Forms for registering live – and completely free – will be released soon through all the known channels of communication industry.

At the time, for more details about the show and information on how to subscribe you can ask the winery Don Saro this Vinitaly Sicily in Hall 2, lane No 7, or directly into the Company Linguaglossa tel. +39 336 235290 – email:

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DOCG for Valpolicella Amarone and Recioto, finally!

Inserito Tuesday 25 May 2010

It was finally made official the obligation to indicate on the bottles of Amarone and Valpolicella Recioto the "band" with which certifies the DOCG wine.

A goal that producers have chased for 15 years, which required much effort and mediation, but that since March 24, 2010 has become a reality for 152 bottlers, including five wineries (black, Soave, Monteforte Alpone, Valpantena and S. Pietro in Cariano) and for over 1800 farms associated with the Consortium for the protection of the wines of Valpolicella.
"We can say that the perseverance of these years has rewarded us" – was the comment by Luke Sartori, president of the Consortium for the defense – "To add this" G "to the names, we worked a lot on both technical and relational. A large help is coming from the Minister Luca Zaia, who believed in the importance of this project for us and for our country. The goals that we set from the beginning have been to not break with tradition, ensuring a balance between area classical and non-consolidated and maintaining positions and rights between those bottles in the area and out. To get there we had to divide into four separate parts, the previous specification. Now and then we have two for DOCG (Amarone and Recioto), Valpolicella Ripasso DOC and Valpolicella Doc did not want to pass the baton to my office without bringing home this result. "
The territory on which this production emphasizes "guaranteed" is quite broad. The production area of Valpolicella spans about 45 km and comprises 19 municipalities in the area five "classical" (Marano, Fumane Negrar, St. Ambrose, St. Peter in Cariano) and 14 local non-classical (sweet, Verona, San Martino Buon Albergo, Lavagno, Mezzane, Tregnago, Illasi Colognola ai Colli, Cazzano of Tramigna, Grezzana, Pescantina, Cerro Veronese, S. Mauro di Saline and Montecchia Crosara).

Over the past five years there has been an increase in production area by about 10%, rising from 5,600 hectares in 2003 to 6200 was 2008. The production potential is, however, grew by nearly 9%, representing a yield of grapes from 680,000 tons in 2003, in 2008, came close to selling 750,000 tons.
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Interesting numbers of French wine production in 2009, as Amarone with 9 million bottles has a value estimated at 108 million euros. Recioto della Valpolicella, but historical product niche, with 400 million bottles, 5.6 million share. Valpolicella Classico between classic and not count on 40 million bottles, representing an equivalent of 76 million.

But the agreement between the partners also and above all a flap on the front of the scales.
"The market looking for quality but hard to pay it." – Stresses Sartori – "That is an Amarone and Recioto production costs and reduce the choice of stocks and reduce the quantities of grapes for drying, cutting about 30 % compared to the previous specification, has been essential to avoid sudden drops in sales prices of the bottles. A just reward for a team. "

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Excursions in Umbria, the land of Sagrantino and Orvieto

Inserito Saturday 27 March 2010

SATURDAY 3 April, (by foot) Water – the long, antique Roman acquaduct of Spello and Collepino A really interesting route for walkers that covers historical and archeo-logical values, it takes you back over the antique Roman acquaduct that runs from Spello to Collepino and vice versa. The walk allows you to see the remaining part of the acquaduct and the small things of interest in the area. DEPARTING at 9,00 from Spello Piazza della Repubblica (Piazza Comune) and returning at 13,00. Difficulty: Easy. Price €10,00.

SUNDAY 4 April, (by foot) The hermitages along the Francescan route of St Francis, Assisi-Ermo delle Carceri and the forest of Subasio. A beautiful route that covers the route of San Francis (which connects La Verna and Rome) and brings you to one of the most important prayer places of St Francis. After visiting the hermitage, you can immerse yourself in the forest of Subasio like a true antique pilgrim. DEPARTING at 8,30 from the Piazza Matteotti car park and returning at around 13,00. Difficulty: medium. Price €15,00.

MONDAY 5 April: (cycling) Route – Spello-Cannara cycling downstream. A simple ride (in the plains) through Umbria enjoying the views of Mount Subasio from Spello and Assisi between fields, rivers and trees. Visit Cannara, a typical medieval village and its surrounding vineyards and hills. DEPARTING at 9.00am from the Spello car park and returning at 12.30pm. Difficulty: Easy (20km.) Price €20 (including bike hire) €15 without bike hire.

MONDAY 5 April : (by foot) Acqua The Forra of Mount Subasio. A simple walk along the riverbanks of River Tescio whose water has grooved out a deep and beautiful passage. DEPARTING at 9.00 from the Piazza Matteotti car park, at 9.30 from Ponte la Pieve (5km from Assisi) and returning at 12.30. Difficulty: Easy. Price €10,00.

FOR ALL EXCURSIONS: closed shoes, comfortable clothing, water. Minimum of 6 participants. Discount of 50% for minors. Activities directed by the members of Solearia: Membership €1,00 per adult, free for minors. The association uses endorsed guides known by the Umbria Council. It is possible to arrange excursions in all of Umbria or to rent bikes. Possibility to arrange transport for participants in cars to and from the tour places. IT IS NECESSARY TO BOOK: Antonella Tucci (registered guide) Tel: 328 617 8307m
Special Easter 2010

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Wine sales grow in supermarkets

Inserito Friday 12 March 2010

The preview of the research carried out for IRI Infoscan Vinitaly – Lambrusco, Chianti and Montepulciano d’Abruzzo wines sold in most mass retailers – Negroamaro, Syrah and White Custoza those having higher growth

Sales of DOC and DOCG wines returned to growth in the year 2009  in supermarkets, after the stagnation in 2008, an increase of 3.9% in volume and 4.9% value over the previous year. The preview includes the research that institute Infoscan IRI has done on behalf of VeronaFiere and that will be presented in full to Vinitaly (8-12 April,

The first data already allow to take stock of developments in 2009 sales of wine in the supermarket (GDO), providing statistics on sales of boxed wine, bottles with a designation of origin, the table wine, the "bubbles" and half bottles. To these are added the now traditional classifications, national and regional wines sold in most large-scale distribution.

Research has shown that the average Italian are increasingly choosing to buy from the shelves of the supermarket wine bottles with a designation of origin (DOC, DOCG, IGT) spending an average of 3 euros per bottle: not only increase by 3.9% sales of bottles of 0.75 liters, but increases the price range from 5 Euros up, registering an increase of 8, 5% (by volume). In contrast, sales of wine "table" show a decrease of – 2.1%. Fine bubbles with an average increase of 3.3% by volume (downward for champagne and increases of 5.3% for Italian classic method sparkling wine). But does not penetrate the half bottles, whose sales in supermarkets reduction of 6% (also in volume).

But what are the wines sold in mass retailers? The ranking of Iri Infoscan, produced by crossing data on type of wine and the land for wines with denomination of origin in the bottle 0,75 l. (Doc, Docg, Igt)  sees triumph in top three Lambrusco, Chianti and Montepulciano d’Abruzzo. Among the wines emerging, namely those with higher rates of growth, we find the first three places Negroamaro, Syrah and White Custoza.

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2009 Italian wine exports

Inserito Saturday 20 February 2010

Crisis or not, exports of Italian wine abroad grows in the past year, according to data from Ismea; wine exports registered an increase of +10.2% in volume compared with a decrease of 5,4% in value on 2008. Trend driven largely by the increase in bulk wine exports (+18%) which now represent one third of total exports of Italian wine. For bottled wines, the performance is positive only in the quantities (+5%) while reducing significantly the values (-4% on 2008).
"The most important signals coming from the European market – comments Adriano Orsi, who chaired the Committee of the wine sector Fedagri-Confcooperative today in Rome – which in 2009 accounted for 56% of our exports." The first market is Germany, where there is a return to Italian wine consumption after last year, many buyers had preferred to get it from the Spanish market (in 2009 have grown in particular wines in bulk, with a +21% in volume). In second place was the United Kingdom, where the demand for sparkling wine (+18%) and bottled (+9% in volume) grows compared with a decrease of 4% of the wines in bulk.
"The fundamental leverage for our exports – continued the president of the wine sector Orsi – remains the promotion, it is essential that our businesses continue to invest in promoting their brands in order to let know abroad the outstanding quality of Italian wine. Given the fact that the market is increasingly caught between a policy of reducing prices and increasing purchasing power of big supermarket chains.
In non-EU countries, good growth in volume (+6.6%) but significant reduction in value (-10.8%). The main goal of Italian wines is the United States, despite the decline in demand in 2009 (-4% -10% in volume and in value). In the market entry of foreign wine in Italy, however, was recorded in 2009, according to data Ismea, a reduction of 25% on 2008.
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The wine of Rome – 3000 years of history, traditions and culture

Inserito Monday 28 December 2009

The exhibition The wine of Rome – 3000 years of history, traditions and culture created by the City of Rome in collaboration with the associations of Roman Hills, wants to support the great productive vocation of the territory surrounding the capital.
The priceless fortune wine in Rome is in fact determined by local factors and climate and has a millennial history.
In the Roman Hills wine and grape processing have ancient roots: already three thousand years ago the city and the courts the most prestigious in the world were flooded by our wine. The production in the area of "Cesanese" and the North Coast and then in particular the wine of Frascati, abounded on the boards most sought after of the Roman nobility, displaying a certain rivalry against French wines.
The inauguration of the exhibition is scheduled for December 17 at Domus Talenti, where it will remain open for free admission, until the closing ceremony Sunday, January 10, 2010.
The route of exposure is divided into four periods: pre-Roman and Roman age the wine, the wine of the abbeys and monasteries, the wine of the principles, modern viticulture and wine of the third millennium. Through archaeological finds, literary evidence, reconstruction of the era, panels, multimedia elements will make it known territory and its most famous product.
On 22 and 29 December and 10 January are provided free tastings to allow visitors to taste the wine of Rome, which must recover excellence, promote the area and start over from tradition to win large market shares.
For more information:
The wine of Rome – 3000 years of history, traditions and culture Domus Talenti, Via delle Quattro Fontane, 113
17 December 2009 – January 10, 2010
Open every day from 10 to 19 – December 24 and 31 till 15
Closed 25th and 26th December and 1st January

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Patriglione 2001

Inserito Monday 7 December 2009

The Patriglione is a wine that has had a major role in the history of vitivicoltura of the South. In its best years showed that even in the south could be achieved red wines that is distinguished not only for power, concentration and "exuberance" taste. The Patriglione all this added complexity, dynamic taste and harmony.
Born from the insights and passion of Cosimo Taurino, the unforgettable star of the Seventies Apulian wine production in the late nineties, this wine is the highest expression of the great potential of Negramaro. 2001 is perhaps the best year of the last decade and brings us in a wine glass really delicious.

patriglione2001Ok … there is intensity, there is concentration, there are dense and warm scent. But there’s more! Each time you catch olfazione with new sensations: plum and plum, leather, hints of earth, chestnuts, spices, tobacco, truffle, underbrush … and I could go on. Truly an admirable example of what is called "bouquet".
In the mouth, of course, the structure is important, but is not to penalize the naturalness of drink. The tannins are very tight, they have lost some teeth of youth, and with the help of a good voltage acid contributes to donate the wine a pleasant and infinite length. Great wine!


Az. Agr. Cosimo Taurino
Patriglione 2001 
S.S. 605 Salice – Sandonaci
73010 Guagnano (LE)

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The wine of Peace 2008

Inserito Wednesday 2 December 2009

The Bread of Peace meets with the Wine of Peace, once again, the strong symbolism, expressed in every culture from these two actors, has led to stress the need to mention the hearts of the people, to have them communicate with renewed enthusiasm and all that occurred during the "Bread and Wine of Peace of Peace meet in Cormòns" the heart of the winegrowing village of Friuli, Saturday, September 5th, 2009 in Piazza XXIV Maggio.
On that occasion, was presented the vintage 2008 Wine of Peace, whose labels were painted by artists Bruno Ceccobelli, Philip Corner and Omar Galliani and embellished by the verses of poets Sebastiano Grasso, Pier Paolo Pasolini and Saint-John Perse.
Following the presentation is the most important event that is the toast with the wine of peace this toast joined the daily act of breaking bread will be an invitation to the community to participate and communicate with renewed enthusiasm.

Via Vino della Pace, 31 – Cormòns (GO)

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Tasting Evening – Benvenuti a Palermo! in Nantes, France

Inserito Thursday 24 September 2009

Tasting Evening – Benvenuti a Palermo!
Thursday October 1st 2009 at 20h30

Tasting of 6 wines Sicilian + meal: 30 € / person!

Places limited. Call to reserve at 02 40 47 96 30 or email

List of wines to be tasted during the evening:
• Marsala Martinez
• Note Chiara 2008; Feotto dello Jato
• Etna Rosso, 2008; Firriato
• Syrah, 2008; Cusumano
• Sangue d’Oro, 2006; Carole Bouquet
• 651; 2006, Terre di Ginestra
For the more adventurous, a limoncello (always Sicily) will be offered.
A bientôt!
The CasaVino team.

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