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The origin behind Italian wine names

Frascati, Barolo, Orvieto, Barbaresco, Dolcetto, Semidano ….you could almost arrange these into a beautiful poem, don’t you think? Don’t you just think the names of Italian wines sound so lovely to the ear? You don’t even have to know what these names mean in order to hear the rhythm in them. Nonetheless, here are the […]

Wine tasting in Umbria

Umbria is known as the green heart of Italy for its breathtaking sprawl of lush mountainous countryside, just as nature intended. It is this abundant green that surrounds towns such as Assisi, Orvieto, Gubbio and Perugia where the culture of producing red and white wines has been in place for a very long time. On […]

Tre Venezie: Italy’s largest vine nursery

Tre Venezie: Italy’s largest vine nursery And the first prize for the largest vinery in Italy goes to… hold on…  hold on… just trying to open the envelope… …the first prize for the largest vinery in Italy goes to… TRE VENEZIE!!!! Well deserved! Tre Venezie, also known as ‘Three Venices’ is named after the three […]

Wine tasting in Sardinia

Wine tasting in Sardinia Sardinia – the place where all wine lovers go. Well, where all wine lovers ‘should’ go. And why ever not? Wouldn’t you love to visit a place that’s been producing wine from a time dating back to the pre-Roman era? A place with a landscape that is as beautiful as its […]

Wine Tasting in Piedmont

Wine Tasting in Piedmont Piedmont in Northern Italy wants you to come and visit it. It doesn’t feel complete without you! Its yearly supply of what’s arguably the best Italian red wine (Barolo) is drying up because you’re not there to drink it, to enjoy it, to swish it round your palate with the delicacy […]

Valentine’s Day the Italian-wine way!

Valentine’s Day the Italian-wine way! Ok, so these ideas might be a bit crazy, ….but you’re a bit crazy about him/her, aren’t you? Or else why the Chianti would you plan on celebrating Valentine’s Day with them? Are you looking to show this person just how good V Day with you can get? Then listen […]

Barbera Wine

Piemonte is a region of Italy and it is the home of Barbera Wine. Barbera wine is one of the most delicate wines, that is currently available in the world and being a grape variety of wine, it is very easy to see why people can easily have similar tastes but a smoother complexion when […]

Wine tasting in Sicily

Your next holiday: Wine tasting in Sicily So you love Italian wine – so much, you can taste it in your sleep. This year, you’d like to do something different, something adventurous, something daring. This year, you want to go where the real action is, to the source, where all this beautiful nectar of the […]

Your next holiday: Wine tasting in Tuscany

Your next holiday: Wine tasting in Tuscany Photo: wineyard in Motepulciano (Siena), created in an ancient Etruscan Tomb Well. What are you waiting for? You know your soul won’t rest until you’re in a Tuscany vineyard, surrounded by succulently-ripe grapes that want to shake your hand and say hello! Tuscany. The name itself suggests a […]

Friuli Tocai Wine

Friuli Tocai wine is very likely a term that you may not have heard before if you are an average person that finds wine interesting, but if you are someone that actively follows the news you are likely to know exactly where the term Friuli Tocai wine comes from. While the wine itself was initially […]