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7 Gift Ideas for the Ultimate Italian-wine Lover (Part 2)

Continuing on from the gift ideas suggested in the previous post (did you try any of them, by the way?), here are 4 more for you to sink your teeth into! The following are very simple ideas, but the wine lover in your life will love you for being so thoughtful. IDEA 4: Corkscrews… Yes. […]

7 Gift Ideas for the Ultimate Italian-wine Lover…

So you have a friend, relative or partner who’s completely head-over-heels in love with Italian wine – it’s all they ever talk about. This person happens to be a really nice human being too. So you think: I know what – I’m going to get them a present, because they’re lovely and they deserve it. […]

Oh Good, Another Wine Event!

Following the initial elation and subsequent disappointment of not being able to attend last week’s international wine fair, I’m on the hunt for a wine event that EVERYBODY is allowed to attend. I was crushed, I tell you, crushed on finding out that only traders could attend that festival (p.s. you had to show some […]

Care for a Tall Glass of Spumante?

‘Spumante’ (pronounced spoo-mahn-tay) means ‘foaming’ in Italian and is the name given to sparkling Italian wines (other terms used: ‘bubbly’ or ‘fizzy’ wine). Italy wears the crown for producing the widest range of Spumante wines in the world. What a title to carry. And deservedly so, I might add! You can sample a range of […]

How to make Italian white wine sauce…

Yum, white sauce made with Italian wine! What more could an Italian-wine lover ask for? Ok, maybe something to go with the sauce. But first, we make the sauce! Are you ready? Ok, let’s go. So which white Italian wine do you want to use? Take your pick. There’s plenty to choose from. Shall we […]

The London International Wine Fair

I was looking for a wine fair to go to in London, and as it so happened, to my delight, there’s one coming up this week! It’s a 3-day event running from May 20th-22nd at the ExCel International Exhibition and Conference Centre in East London. The London International Wine Fair is considered to be ‘the […]

Red Wine is Good for You. Apparently!

It’s been claimed that drinking red wine, apparently, has its health benefits. Now, this sweet revelation is by no way an excuse for us to go out there and drink as many bottles of Italian red wine as we can get our hands on!; but it’s good to know that, when taken in moderation, it […]

Sagrantino of Montefalco

Montefalco Sagrantino Docg or Sagrantino di Montefalco Docg takes its name from the grape from which it is produced. Harvested for centuries on the slopes of the hills of Umbria, Sagrantino is considered autochthonous, despite several assumptions about its origin. Some consider it of Spanish origin, others believe it was imported from the first Franciscan […]

Bacchus: The Roman God of Wine

I love mythology – I love where they can take the mind, how magical they are, the lessons wrapped in them. One of my favourite mythical gods is Baubo, the Belly Goddess, the Goddess of Laughter. I shall say no more about her, but if you want to know more, Google her name. That wine […]

Scandals: Made in Italy…

There are two scandals that are, unfortunately, currently rocking the Italian-wine industry. 1) Contaminated cheap wine… 70 million litres of cheap Italian wines (sold for under 2 euros per litre) were discovered to be contaminated with traces of horse manure, acid, fertiliser, hydrochloric acid and lots of water. The bootleg production has been placed firmly […]