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It’s Calling My Name…

There’s a bottle of Spanish Cabernet on my brother-in-law’s worktop – opened. There’s a bottle of Sicilian Sangiovese on the wine rack – unopened. I cannot open it ‘til the Cabernet’s finished. Those are the rules in the household. There’s less than half of the Cabernet left. It’s almost 2am and I’m thinking of putting […]

Quirky Wine Labels (that are proud to be quirky!)

I said it before and I’ll say it again (even if you’re growing tired of me saying it), I LOVE THE INTERNET! It has its fair share of drama, but when you come across a site that’s dedicated to unusual wine labels, then you’ve got to appreciate the smile it puts on your face. God […]

The European Wine Bloggers Conference

Wow, I really didn’t know such an event existed. There are quite a few blogging conferences out there, but one strictly for wine bloggers is a fabulous idea! The first ever European Wine Bloggers Conference will take place in sunny Spain (Logrono) from August 29th-31st. The main focus of the event is to discuss the […]

Me…You…and a Couple of Ideas…

I’m a bit of a quirky eater. I like to play with my food – call me an earthy food scientist, if you may! These are just ideas I want to share (involving Italian wine). Some might work and some might not. Who cares?! Let’s be big kids and take our tongues through a culinary […]

Tips for Storing Wine…

Now, some of you might already know some, if not all, of the tips below, so feel free to skip this post, but not before contributing your own tips if you so wish (as they are most welcome. I’m not a wine expert myself and so I’m open to learning new tips ). WHAT I […]

Father’s Day, a Bottle or two… and that Wine Show…

For Father’s Day, I bought my brother-in-law a nice bottle of Chianti (p.s: He didn’t even offer me any – not even a drop. It was all gone by my next visit. A selfish move on his part, but at least I know he must have really liked it!) He appreciates his Italian wine (maybe […]

My First Glass of Italian Wine (When was Yours?)

This is a response to a previous post I wrote – one that suggested that a glass of Italian wine be drunk as if it’s the first time it’s ever been tasted – as if it’s the last time it ever will be. I wrote a poem inspired by that, from the point of view […]

Italian Wines Worth £40k Stolen from Truck…

I was doing my usual search on the internet and found out that about a month ago, 636 cases of Italian wine worth £40,000 were stolen from a delivery truck in Hertfordshire, England, close to the depot where the wines are usually stored. Now, I’m in no way condoning what the thieves did, but a […]

Your Last Glass of Italian Wine…

Question: if you knew the glass of Italian wine you were holding in your hand was the last wine you would ever drink, which wine would you choose? And which glass would you choose to drink it from? If you could choose one place to drink your last glass of wine, where would it be? […]