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Wine holidays

On vacation. I will be beack soon with even more wine news and facts. Cheers!

My Last Glass of Italian Wine…

(this is a follow-up from a previous post I wrote a few weeks’ ago…) My last glass of Italian wine shall be taken beside a beach. The sea will be wide and blue, waves flowing in and out gently. The waves are listening. The sand on which I sit will be fine – made pink […]

Would you pay ₤10,000 for a wine tour?

Well, that’s what a top hotel in Rome is offering. Yes. The St Regis Grand hotel. Yes. ₤10,000. I had to blink a few times to make sure I wasn’t getting the zeros mixed up. The tour includes a helicopter ride to Bolgheri to explore the vineyards and cellars where Ornellaia wine is produced; a […]

A New Movie About Wine…

There’s a new film coming out very soon (Aug 6th) called Bottle Shock. Based on a true story, it’s about the lives of two men involved in the wine business striving to become successful at what they do. One is an ex real estate lawyer turned winemaker, lives in California, and is trying to perfect […]


I had the Sicilian Sangiovese. It was a beautiful experience. Such that it left angels speechless… …and Bacchus patted my head affectionately, with a Humphrey Bogart accent, saying ‘you done good, kid. You done good’. You should have been there. But then I would have had to share. And I was already sharing it between […]