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Barbera d’Asti

Barbera vine is one of the most popular in Piemonte and produces the best DOCG. The designation of controlled and guaranteed origin for Barbera d’Asti was established in 2008 and lays down certain rules disciplines: production areas must be in the towns of Alexandria and Asti, the soil should be loamy, sandy, and calcareous and […]

Wine sales grow in supermarkets

The preview of the research carried out for IRI Infoscan Vinitaly – Lambrusco, Chianti and Montepulciano d’Abruzzo wines sold in most mass retailers – Negroamaro, Syrah and White Custoza those having higher growth Sales of DOC and DOCG wines returned to growth in the year 2009  in supermarkets, after the stagnation in 2008, an increase […]

Spumante grows, Champagne goes down

Production and export, French bubbles in crisis.  Italian sparkling wines go well To cope with the crisis, this year the Champagne will reduce its production by 44 percent in the number of bottles. This vintage wine growers and bottlers of Champagne have decided to collect 32 percent of grapes less. And only 82 percent of […]

Festivi calici in Montefalco, Perugia, Italy

Montefalco, from 6 December’08 to January 6’09 Annual event which offers tastings of Italian wines with delicacies typical of the regions from which they come. Holydays Calici held nell’enoteca of FNVP with about 100 wines, mold and liqueur historians from around the world guided themed tastings. HOLIDAYS GLASSES DECEMBER 6 – 6 JANUARY 9 days […]

Italian Wine Selection

Italian Wine Selection is one of the most important wine shop online and it select all main italian wine divided in categories: White, Rosè, Red, Spumanti, Champagne, Magnum. Using the search engine you wines you are interested, each one with the complete description, region, year, producer and the best price for the renowned Italian wine. […]

My Last Glass of Italian Wine…

(this is a follow-up from a previous post I wrote a few weeks’ ago…) My last glass of Italian wine shall be taken beside a beach. The sea will be wide and blue, waves flowing in and out gently. The waves are listening. The sand on which I sit will be fine – made pink […]

Would you pay ₤10,000 for a wine tour?

Well, that’s what a top hotel in Rome is offering. Yes. The St Regis Grand hotel. Yes. ₤10,000. I had to blink a few times to make sure I wasn’t getting the zeros mixed up. The tour includes a helicopter ride to Bolgheri to explore the vineyards and cellars where Ornellaia wine is produced; a […]


I had the Sicilian Sangiovese. It was a beautiful experience. Such that it left angels speechless… …and Bacchus patted my head affectionately, with a Humphrey Bogart accent, saying ‘you done good, kid. You done good’. You should have been there. But then I would have had to share. And I was already sharing it between […]

It’s Calling My Name…

There’s a bottle of Spanish Cabernet on my brother-in-law’s worktop – opened. There’s a bottle of Sicilian Sangiovese on the wine rack – unopened. I cannot open it ‘til the Cabernet’s finished. Those are the rules in the household. There’s less than half of the Cabernet left. It’s almost 2am and I’m thinking of putting […]

Quirky Wine Labels (that are proud to be quirky!)

I said it before and I’ll say it again (even if you’re growing tired of me saying it), I LOVE THE INTERNET! It has its fair share of drama, but when you come across a site that’s dedicated to unusual wine labels, then you’ve got to appreciate the smile it puts on your face. God […]