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2009 Italian wine exports

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IN 2009 EXPORTS OF ITALIAN WINE GROWS, BUT A THIRD IS UNPACKED. Crisis or not, exports of Italian wine abroad grows in the past year, according to data from Ismea; wine exports registered an increase of +10.2% in volume compared with a decrease of 5,4% in value on 2008. Trend driven largely by the increase […]

A New Movie About Wine…

There’s a new film coming out very soon (Aug 6th) called Bottle Shock. Based on a true story, it’s about the lives of two men involved in the wine business striving to become successful at what they do. One is an ex real estate lawyer turned winemaker, lives in California, and is trying to perfect […]

Quirky Wine Labels (that are proud to be quirky!)

I said it before and I’ll say it again (even if you’re growing tired of me saying it), I LOVE THE INTERNET! It has its fair share of drama, but when you come across a site that’s dedicated to unusual wine labels, then you’ve got to appreciate the smile it puts on your face. God […]

The European Wine Bloggers Conference

Wow, I really didn’t know such an event existed. There are quite a few blogging conferences out there, but one strictly for wine bloggers is a fabulous idea! The first ever European Wine Bloggers Conference will take place in sunny Spain (Logrono) from August 29th-31st. The main focus of the event is to discuss the […]

Italian Wines Worth £40k Stolen from Truck…

I was doing my usual search on the internet and found out that about a month ago, 636 cases of Italian wine worth £40,000 were stolen from a delivery truck in Hertfordshire, England, close to the depot where the wines are usually stored. Now, I’m in no way condoning what the thieves did, but a […]

Nat Decants…

The internet is such a wonderful medium. Yes, it does have its vulnerabilities, but it’s such a great way to connect with the rest of the world and gain access to a plethora of information. I’ve come across some really wonderful websites lately – from Vinopolis: City of Wine to The Wine Society – sites […]

The Wine Show…

So I’ve been checking out the website of the other wine event I mentioned previous posts ago on the off-chance that I might be able to attend it (that’s if I’m not away on holiday on a secluded beach being served copious amounts of Chardonnay and fish by a very tall and fine waiter with […]

The Italian Wine Society…

I’ve just found a web site called The Italian Wine Society. Though it’s based in the UK, they source a variety of quality wines from many Italian wine regions like Sicily, Tuscany, Piedmont and Lombardia. You can search for a whole range of wines on their site – Red, Rose, White and Sparkling – including […]

Vinopolis: City of Wine…

Thought I’d find out more about the wine tour in London that I mentioned in a previous post – Vinopolis: City of Wine – as I’d like to go there this month. Also, it might be useful for any wine lovers out there intent on visiting London (or those who live there). London’s Vinopolis offers […]

The London International Wine Fair

I was looking for a wine fair to go to in London, and as it so happened, to my delight, there’s one coming up this week! It’s a 3-day event running from May 20th-22nd at the ExCel International Exhibition and Conference Centre in East London. The London International Wine Fair is considered to be ‘the […]