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The wine of Peace 2008

Posted Wednesday 2 December 2009

The Bread of Peace meets with the Wine of Peace, once again, the strong symbolism, expressed in every culture from these two actors, has led to stress the need to mention the hearts of the people, to have them communicate with renewed enthusiasm and all that occurred during the "Bread and Wine of Peace of Peace meet in Cormòns" the heart of the winegrowing village of Friuli, Saturday, September 5th, 2009 in Piazza XXIV Maggio.
On that occasion, was presented the vintage 2008 Wine of Peace, whose labels were painted by artists Bruno Ceccobelli, Philip Corner and Omar Galliani and embellished by the verses of poets Sebastiano Grasso, Pier Paolo Pasolini and Saint-John Perse.
Following the presentation is the most important event that is the toast with the wine of peace this toast joined the daily act of breaking bread will be an invitation to the community to participate and communicate with renewed enthusiasm.

Via Vino della Pace, 31 – Cormòns (GO)

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