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Barbera d’Asti

Posted Friday 26 November 2010

Barbera vine is one of the most popular in Piemonte and produces the best DOCG. The designation of controlled and guaranteed origin for Barbera d’Asti was established in 2008 and lays down certain rules disciplines: production areas must be in the towns of Alexandria and Asti, the soil should be loamy, sandy, and calcareous and the attitude only hills with a height not exceeding 650 meters.
How to recognize a Barbera d’Asti?
The color is ruby red to garnet red with age; the smell is intense and characteristic, becoming evanescent with aging and the flavor should be dry quiet body, with adequate aging more harmonious, pleasant, full flavor.
Barbera d’Asti is served at 18-20 ° and is excellent with a typical recipes of Piemonte such as agnolotti braised, grilled meat, pheasant and cheese.
In 1978 the Count  Nuovolese, deputy director of the Agricultural Society of Torino, described it as “powerful wine, still quite severe, but rich of exquisite taste and a flavor that matches the finesse to force. ”
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