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Patriglione 2001

Posted Monday 7 December 2009

The Patriglione is a wine that has had a major role in the history of vitivicoltura of the South. In its best years showed that even in the south could be achieved red wines that is distinguished not only for power, concentration and "exuberance" taste. The Patriglione all this added complexity, dynamic taste and harmony.
Born from the insights and passion of Cosimo Taurino, the unforgettable star of the Seventies Apulian wine production in the late nineties, this wine is the highest expression of the great potential of Negramaro. 2001 is perhaps the best year of the last decade and brings us in a wine glass really delicious.

patriglione2001Ok … there is intensity, there is concentration, there are dense and warm scent. But there’s more! Each time you catch olfazione with new sensations: plum and plum, leather, hints of earth, chestnuts, spices, tobacco, truffle, underbrush … and I could go on. Truly an admirable example of what is called "bouquet".
In the mouth, of course, the structure is important, but is not to penalize the naturalness of drink. The tannins are very tight, they have lost some teeth of youth, and with the help of a good voltage acid contributes to donate the wine a pleasant and infinite length. Great wine!


Az. Agr. Cosimo Taurino
Patriglione 2001 
S.S. 605 Salice – Sandonaci
73010 Guagnano (LE)

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