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Grappoli di notte in Piedimonte Etneo (CT)

Posted Tuesday 15 June 2010

Grappoli di notte in Piedimonte Etneo (CT) Saturday, October 2, 2010

After the success last year with the harvest night in his vineyard in Piedimonte Etneo, the company Don Saro Linguaglossa (CT) has decided to repeat the exciting initiative that involved no less than 500 people and led to the collection in a few hours and under the spotlight of about 2,000 kilograms of grapes of Nerello Mascalese, precious vine from which we get the prestigious Etna Rosso DOC.

From these grape has achieved a number of bottles of wine, called precisely "Clusters of Night" will be offered to participants at the next tasting initiative along with a vast selection of local produce. This will be the first opportunity to verify in a direct comparison, the diverse characteristics of the wine from a vintage night than, the same vineyard, from grapes harvested in a classical way.

As this vintage, which will take place Saturday, October 2 from 22:00, certainly did not pretend to replace the classic work of cutting and collection of the usual professionals, but rather wants to be a time of recovery of our traditions and our most cherished and never dormant memories, will be preceded, in favor of the defendants, a brief reference to the most basic hygiene rules and the most basic collection techniques in respect of crop plants and grapes. Before the harvest, therefore, be suggested by our technical specifications, though simple "instructions" to be adopted by the defendants during the harvest operations.

The baskets collected and duly numbered by teams of volunteers, composed of 6 to 10 elements (depending on number of participants), will then pass to the screening of a committee of five judges who will grant them a vote in the order, the choice and disposition of the grapes, clean them and so on. All this in light of the fact that harvest operations are directly responsible for the quality of the final product.

Obtained the opinion, the team has obtained the highest score will be entitled to a prize that will be a free weekend (to be defined in detail) at "The House of Philip" Linguaglossa, adjacent Company Don Saro petitioner of the initiative.

Forms for registering live – and completely free – will be released soon through all the known channels of communication industry.

At the time, for more details about the show and information on how to subscribe you can ask the winery Don Saro this Vinitaly Sicily in Hall 2, lane No 7, or directly into the Company Linguaglossa tel. +39 336 235290 – email:

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