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Excursions in Umbria, the land of Sagrantino and Orvieto

Posted Saturday 27 March 2010

SATURDAY 3 April, (by foot) Water – the long, antique Roman acquaduct of Spello and Collepino A really interesting route for walkers that covers historical and archeo-logical values, it takes you back over the antique Roman acquaduct that runs from Spello to Collepino and vice versa. The walk allows you to see the remaining part of the acquaduct and the small things of interest in the area. DEPARTING at 9,00 from Spello Piazza della Repubblica (Piazza Comune) and returning at 13,00. Difficulty: Easy. Price €10,00.

SUNDAY 4 April, (by foot) The hermitages along the Francescan route of St Francis, Assisi-Ermo delle Carceri and the forest of Subasio. A beautiful route that covers the route of San Francis (which connects La Verna and Rome) and brings you to one of the most important prayer places of St Francis. After visiting the hermitage, you can immerse yourself in the forest of Subasio like a true antique pilgrim. DEPARTING at 8,30 from the Piazza Matteotti car park and returning at around 13,00. Difficulty: medium. Price €15,00.

MONDAY 5 April: (cycling) Route – Spello-Cannara cycling downstream. A simple ride (in the plains) through Umbria enjoying the views of Mount Subasio from Spello and Assisi between fields, rivers and trees. Visit Cannara, a typical medieval village and its surrounding vineyards and hills. DEPARTING at 9.00am from the Spello car park and returning at 12.30pm. Difficulty: Easy (20km.) Price €20 (including bike hire) €15 without bike hire.

MONDAY 5 April : (by foot) Acqua The Forra of Mount Subasio. A simple walk along the riverbanks of River Tescio whose water has grooved out a deep and beautiful passage. DEPARTING at 9.00 from the Piazza Matteotti car park, at 9.30 from Ponte la Pieve (5km from Assisi) and returning at 12.30. Difficulty: Easy. Price €10,00.

FOR ALL EXCURSIONS: closed shoes, comfortable clothing, water. Minimum of 6 participants. Discount of 50% for minors. Activities directed by the members of Solearia: Membership €1,00 per adult, free for minors. The association uses endorsed guides known by the Umbria Council. It is possible to arrange excursions in all of Umbria or to rent bikes. Possibility to arrange transport for participants in cars to and from the tour places. IT IS NECESSARY TO BOOK: Antonella Tucci (registered guide) Tel: 328 617 8307m
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