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DOCG for Valpolicella Amarone and Recioto, finally!

Posted Tuesday 25 May 2010

It was finally made official the obligation to indicate on the bottles of Amarone and Valpolicella Recioto the "band" with which certifies the DOCG wine.

A goal that producers have chased for 15 years, which required much effort and mediation, but that since March 24, 2010 has become a reality for 152 bottlers, including five wineries (black, Soave, Monteforte Alpone, Valpantena and S. Pietro in Cariano) and for over 1800 farms associated with the Consortium for the protection of the wines of Valpolicella.
"We can say that the perseverance of these years has rewarded us" – was the comment by Luke Sartori, president of the Consortium for the defense – "To add this" G "to the names, we worked a lot on both technical and relational. A large help is coming from the Minister Luca Zaia, who believed in the importance of this project for us and for our country. The goals that we set from the beginning have been to not break with tradition, ensuring a balance between area classical and non-consolidated and maintaining positions and rights between those bottles in the area and out. To get there we had to divide into four separate parts, the previous specification. Now and then we have two for DOCG (Amarone and Recioto), Valpolicella Ripasso DOC and Valpolicella Doc did not want to pass the baton to my office without bringing home this result. "
The territory on which this production emphasizes "guaranteed" is quite broad. The production area of Valpolicella spans about 45 km and comprises 19 municipalities in the area five "classical" (Marano, Fumane Negrar, St. Ambrose, St. Peter in Cariano) and 14 local non-classical (sweet, Verona, San Martino Buon Albergo, Lavagno, Mezzane, Tregnago, Illasi Colognola ai Colli, Cazzano of Tramigna, Grezzana, Pescantina, Cerro Veronese, S. Mauro di Saline and Montecchia Crosara).

Over the past five years there has been an increase in production area by about 10%, rising from 5,600 hectares in 2003 to 6200 was 2008. The production potential is, however, grew by nearly 9%, representing a yield of grapes from 680,000 tons in 2003, in 2008, came close to selling 750,000 tons.
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Interesting numbers of French wine production in 2009, as Amarone with 9 million bottles has a value estimated at 108 million euros. Recioto della Valpolicella, but historical product niche, with 400 million bottles, 5.6 million share. Valpolicella Classico between classic and not count on 40 million bottles, representing an equivalent of 76 million.

But the agreement between the partners also and above all a flap on the front of the scales.
"The market looking for quality but hard to pay it." – Stresses Sartori – "That is an Amarone and Recioto production costs and reduce the choice of stocks and reduce the quantities of grapes for drying, cutting about 30 % compared to the previous specification, has been essential to avoid sudden drops in sales prices of the bottles. A just reward for a team. "

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