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2009 Italian wine exports

Posted Saturday 20 February 2010

Crisis or not, exports of Italian wine abroad grows in the past year, according to data from Ismea; wine exports registered an increase of +10.2% in volume compared with a decrease of 5,4% in value on 2008. Trend driven largely by the increase in bulk wine exports (+18%) which now represent one third of total exports of Italian wine. For bottled wines, the performance is positive only in the quantities (+5%) while reducing significantly the values (-4% on 2008).
"The most important signals coming from the European market – comments Adriano Orsi, who chaired the Committee of the wine sector Fedagri-Confcooperative today in Rome – which in 2009 accounted for 56% of our exports." The first market is Germany, where there is a return to Italian wine consumption after last year, many buyers had preferred to get it from the Spanish market (in 2009 have grown in particular wines in bulk, with a +21% in volume). In second place was the United Kingdom, where the demand for sparkling wine (+18%) and bottled (+9% in volume) grows compared with a decrease of 4% of the wines in bulk.
"The fundamental leverage for our exports – continued the president of the wine sector Orsi – remains the promotion, it is essential that our businesses continue to invest in promoting their brands in order to let know abroad the outstanding quality of Italian wine. Given the fact that the market is increasingly caught between a policy of reducing prices and increasing purchasing power of big supermarket chains.
In non-EU countries, good growth in volume (+6.6%) but significant reduction in value (-10.8%). The main goal of Italian wines is the United States, despite the decline in demand in 2009 (-4% -10% in volume and in value). In the market entry of foreign wine in Italy, however, was recorded in 2009, according to data Ismea, a reduction of 25% on 2008.

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